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Alright, say you like what you see on this site and you want to know what’s it’s all going to cost. I’ve made it super simple for you to customize a wedding package that fits into your budget, or to build your budget around exactly the things you want. Here’s how it works.

The basic price of a full-day shooting (6 hours, give or take a little) is $2000.

Included in that price is me, of course, to shoot you from getting ready through reception. It also includes:

• all proofs fully processed in both color and true black-and-white

• a password-protected, online gallery where you can show off you and the Mr. (or Mrs.) to friends & family.

• a secure shopping cart with a zillion options for print sizes, finishes, specialty items and even hi or lo res downloads.

• a blog post with about 20 images showing the highlights of your wedding, which you can share with coworkers, people whom you’ve just met, and all those Facebookers you’ve become friends with.

• a DVD containing all your proof images (the same ones you can see in your online gallery) in both hi-res (for printing) and lo-res (for emailing, screensavers, stuff like that).

That’s the basic deal. But there are a lot of good things that you can add to that to customize your photo coverage. Here are the add ons:

I.    2nd photographer

I often bring a 2nd photographer with me at no cost, and it really helps  you get a variety of viewpoints of your wedding. But my 2nd is never guaranteed unless you specifically ask for one.

II.  Proof book

A professionally printed, coil bound book of all your proof images. These are so helpful to have when you’re looking at images. It’s hard to cuddle up next your new and better half on the computer to review wedding images, but an 8-1/2″ x 11″ book fits neatly on the couch, the kitchen table…even in the bedroom 🙂

III.  Complete set of proof prints

This includes all the proofs you see in your gallery, printed out individually a 4×6. They’re awesome to have for planning an album (if you’re building your own), or to see how things are    going to look once they’re printed out. Remember that computer monitor colors vary greatly, and what you think looks pretty good on a monitor might look “wow! that knocked my socks off!” once printed.

IV.  Additional Session

Lots of possibilities with this add-on. An additional session can be one of the following: engagement session; dress-fitting session; trash the dress; rehearsal dinner; day-after session. It can also be replaced by something else you’ve got in mind. I’m always willing to talk it over.

V.   Film package

This add-on is new and it’s awesome. It includes 2 full rolls of developed and processed 35mm film (including contact sheets and scans) and 20-30 Polaroids (your choice of wide format or mini). Adding this package is great for people who are into art, design or crafts. You can make an amazing wedding album or scrap book with the mixed media of film & digital. Email me for more information on this if you’re interested.

Ok, so you have your basic package at $2000, and all those options to choose from. This is where you can get creative and build a wedding shoot to fit your style & taste. Here’s how it works:

Add any ONE of the above options = $300

Add any TWO of the above options = $500 ($250 each)

Add any THREE or more of the above options = $600 ($200 each)

It’s like an a la carte menu, but instead of being all about the avocado rolls & double chocolate cheesecake, it’s all about you (but yes, there are times when it is all about the double chocolate cheesecake).

Let’s say you want to have an engagement session, and because you’re an Etsy kind of girl, you want the film package. Since you’re adding two add-ons for $500 (at $250 each) to your basic price ($2000) your total is now $2500.

Simple, yes? Believe me, I did all the math on this before even writing this down for you. I figured out the package costs, the cost of film and which train got into Cincinnati first.

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