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be the bride: 2011

Remember when I posted on Facebook last week that I was going to put myself in my brides’ shoes for 2011? Literally? Yeah, well, I didn’t really mean that…about the shoes, I mean. But I did mean it about the dress. I told everyone that I had ordered a wedding dress online (I’m telling you, it was a deal!) and each month, I would do a series of self portraits in the dress for a couple of reasons: first, because I’m pretty good at self-portraits (as my old Flickr friends know) and they’re fun; but secondly, I wanted to put one of those fifteen-pounders on and have to walk around in it and get my picture taken in it for an hour or so. You know, if you want to understand the bride, you have to be the bride!

So that’s what I’m doing with the dress that arrived today. Um, yay! I put it on right away, freaked out the dogs and had a very, very difficult time setting up the bare essentials to take the shots above. And now that I’ve been a bride for 20 minutes, I can tell you…O.M.G.! That thing weighs a ton, it’s very hard to walk even barefoot; I cannot imagine how you guys are doing it in heels. And it’s tight. I mean, it’s my size, but because it’s strapless it has to be kind of tight and there I saw it for the first time ever in my proofs…back fat. Awesome. Now that I have a wedding dress I have to fit into every month, not just once like y’all, I’m going to have to check myself with the mini Snickers and drink more water.

I thought for a few minutes on what shoes I should wear; I have one pair of high heels (literally, one pair, I swear!) so I grabbed the next best thing: my new harness boots from Zappos.

Enjoy this for as long as you can, make all the jokes you like (yes, you know who I’m talking to), but you’ll see me in a different setting every month in this dress throughout 2011. Consider this one on the house.


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