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Yes, you should have been paying attention!

May 12, 2011

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Remember a few months back I announced that I was giving away a free wedding portrait job? Well, Emily & Tad, who live in Long Beach and are having a super cute backyard wedding, have one. So…yay Emily & Tad!

This all came about in a funny way too. The first thing you have to know about this story is Jenna, my daughter. Jenna is always, always dressed to the nines. I think I’ve seen her without her hair and makeup done a handful of times. She does laundry in high heels. She holds cocktail parties. She could have been switched at birth.

So the other day she tells me she’s off to a 50’s-housewife themed bridal shower for her bud, Emily. “I’m coming to shoot that,” I told her on the phone. “Tell the bride.” I couldn’t wait to see Jen and all her friends in their heels and aprons and pearls and all that stuff that is totally all about June Cleaver. Totally.

From the sign on the front of the house to the amazing (seriously, amazing) handmade decorations (by Tifany, who should definitely be doing this for a living), the whole event was so darling, so cute. I felt a little out of place in my jeans and sweatshirt was totally caught unawares without my leopard print pill box hat.

So I shot it up, told Jen that “she’s going to cry when she sees this and she knows that I”m not shooting her wedding,” Well, I said that because I assumed she had a wedding photographer, but she didn’t; it wasn’t in the budget and instead she had some friends taking pictures.

Perfect. Totally, utterly perfect. I offered to shoot her wedding and she’s been squeeing ever since (honestly, you’d be surprised what you can get from a professional photographer just by squeeing a lot: we live for squees). Her wedding is in a few more weeks, but until then, I wanted to show off the most creative and most fun bridal shower I’ve ever seen (or shot).


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