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fissy loves blaise

May 3, 2011 ,

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A couple of things about Fisayo & Blaise: first, I think Fissy is the best.nickname.ever. I want people to start calling me Fissy. When I first met Blaise, I called him “Blaisey.” I wonder if he remembers that. Ok, so I don’t always make so good with the non-WASP names, but I’m trying. šŸ™‚

Fisayo & Blaise were my first wedding of the year; I’d been spending the first part of the year booked with portraits and other commercial shoots. And man, did they they give me a workout. You know it’s a good wedding when–halfway through–your photographer has to change her clothes in the car. This was more than a wedding, it was like a UN party. The costumes, the traditions, the mix of American & African, it was a visual, aural and photographic feast.

It’s funny; as a photographer I witness so many different types of weddings. From playing-it-straight Mass to on-the-beach barefoot. At the time I’m shooting, I don’t really think about this; but at the end of the year, I’ll look back and think of all the different family & cultural traditions (and quirks) that I’ve seen and been a part of, and I’m telling you, it’s a gas. It’s better than the National Geographic channel.

So back to Fissy & Blaise. So adorable. So generous with the love; so not “all about me.” I think they can now take credit for rewriting that phrase made famous by Hilary Clinton: “It takes a village to put on a wedding.”

Guys (I’m speaking to you newlyweds here); it was an honor; it was a workout; it was fun and it was just lovely. Let’s do it again next year!


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I hereby give you the permission to be an honorary “fissy” šŸ™‚ LOL @ UN Party. It really “took a village to plan our wedding”. We are extremely blessed with amazing people. You are one of such people, Susan! We are confident that this is not the end of our relationship with you,just the beginning, so…see you later!

Fisayo Oke

May 4, 2011

haha, thanks Fisayo šŸ™‚ And definitely, I will see you soon!


May 4, 2011

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