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our typical Cali christmas

December 25, 2010

We have a saying in our house: “It isn’t Christmas ’til someone cries.”

We had just a tiny bit of crying from a very overexcited gbaby who was literally spinning through the living room with excitement and overstimulation. No family fights, no food comas, just comfy clothes, some Buffy marathon and some of J’s famous baking. And, of course, the photobooth (which is my favorite part of every family get together). This year was so laid back that Mr Susan and I did most of the snapping, but once I shut the curtains I did hear some serious strobe popping and I caught a peek of a what may be a candidate for “Awkward Family Photos”). I love doing these home sessions so much I may throw on the wedding dress for some tomorrow.

I love Mr Susan back there in his comfy clothes (the man didn’t know what comfy clothes were until he met me) and me in my Christmas clothes. Yes, these are my Christmas clothes: I bought them yesterday, especially for today. A pair of ridiculously soft chinos from Hollister and an even softer plain white tee. My good clothes. As some of you will understand: My Zombie Apocalypse Clothes.

But the holiday that has been creeping up on us since the day after Halloween) is over, except for the folding up of the little earth-friendly Christmas tree and stowing it back in the garage until next year.

We hope you all had a grand day; that you all caught some of Scooby gang, and all of you got that one thing: whether a gift, a wish, a kiss or just a look in the eye that you have always wanted and will never forget.

Have a good night’s sleep, and get up early tomorrow so we can start the countdown all over again.


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I’m a little late but gee thats a nice photo. even with the red 🙂 I like the blueish cast to it here.


January 13, 2011

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