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September 10, 2010

A kiss on the check, fingertips running through the ends of your hair, a light touch to the small of your back; these are the truly romantic gestures that connect one person to another. Anyone can give you a sloppy wet kiss with the tongue down your through (but seriously, would you want just anyone to?), but it takes a lover & friend (both, not one or the other) to show true intimacy. See, as you grow older (or, if you’re lucky, while you’re still young) you learn the difference between passion and intimacy. Though they’re not mutually exclusive, it’s not uncommon for one to wane and the other to get stronger. Happily married people know the difference.

I prefer intimacy. That’s the stuff I like to capture when I’m shooting a wedding. The first kiss as just-marrieds is a big one, to be sure; but the little things that happen a million times a day that, over time, you don’t notice, you take for granted (in a good way); those are the moments that will bond you to one another forever.

When your better half, or the one you love comes home tonight. press your cheek to his/hers, let it press there just long enough for you to exhale and let your breath warm your SO’s face, and then…pull away. Don’t kiss. Let the touch speak for itself.

It will. I guarantee you.

(This moment of intimacy provided by the darling, adorable newlyweds Brenda & Ken.)


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You did it again. You made me cry.
We just celebrated our 17th Anniversary. As the years go on I learn new levels of not only intimacy, but friendship. The history; the inside jokes; the lifting each other up when the other is down. Here’s to love…


September 10, 2010

Cindi, that’s all so true. When John and I first started out together, we were madly in love, but even then we had no idea how that love would change over the years. The intimacy is the most cherished thing to me in my marriage. I think it would hurt me more than anything to see my husband holding hands with someone else than to see him kissing them.

susan sabo

September 11, 2010

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