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August 15, 2010

So usually when you come to this space, you see photos of dogs & brides. Oh, I’ll throw in a self-portrait once in awhile (I have a thing for odd self-portraits), but yeah, married people and someone’s dog is most often what I blog about.

So you’re looking at this image and thinking, “whaaa…?” It’s true. There is neither a bride nor a dog in this image. Not even a groom (though in California, that may change very soon).

This is a shot from an advertising shoot I did recently for a local restaurant/club. It’s called Paradise Piano Bar and it’s on Broadway and it has hella good food (I shot one of their dishes a few years ago for the now-defunct District Weekly’s food issue). I had a blast doing this shoot. It kind of came out of nowhere; on Facebook actually (which goes to show you that you never know what you’re going to find on the Facebook). I love love this shot, and I’m so happy that it’s one that my client chose for a postcard/flyer. It’s not usually the case that a photographer’s personal favorite is what a client chooses so when it does happen, it’s like ka-POW! photo chemistry 🙂

If you’re a bride looking for a photographer, or someone who’s interested in a portrait session, this should be a good thing to see on your photographer’s site. While a photographer can “specialize” in any genre they like, I personally think that’s it’s a really good thing for a photographer to keep a lot of variety in his/her assignments. Instead of thinking it will scare off clients, I think it shows versatility. Hey, you don’t know when the lighting I used in this shot is going to be perfect for a wedding portrait that I have coming up.

Which leads me to a tip: look for variety in your potential photographer’s work. Daylight, nighttime, flash/noflash, a variety of subject matters. Experience in a variety of situations and subjects can be only good for a photographer to bring to your event or your session. Speaking of variety, I have a separate website for my commercial/editorial work. You can find it here: But I’m going to slowly add that work to this site, because like I said, it can only be good.

Now, since the majority of people who watch this blog are women, I’ll let you get back to the shot above, and the “oh, my” you’re thinking. 🙂


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