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the comfy wedding

August 9, 2010

When Mr. Susan and I got married, we went to the Little Brown Church in Studio City, had about 10 guests, and a small reception in our backyard. The picture of us cutting our cake shows me in my pj bottoms and a tanktop, and Mr Susan in shorts and shirt. Basically, we’re pretty laid back.

Dianna & John, I gathered, were pretty laid back as well. His boutonniere was a succulent (chosen by Dianna); her bouquet was made of wildflowers; the ceremony was at the end of the jetty in the shadow of a lighthouse in Santa Cruz and the reception was a small dinner at a local restaurant. No bridesmaids; no first dance; no tossing the bouquet; not even a grand entrance.

Well done, Mr. & Mrs. Well done.

Here’s a quick peek of them performing the one tradition I usually insist on: my traditional “grrr, hell yeah! I just got married” ring shot, and they couldn’t even pull that off. But I kind of like their version better.

(By the way, potential brides out there, I’m still waiting for the PJ slumber party wedding; and believe me, I’ve got a discount to offer on that one!)


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They make me SMILE. I’m amazed at the incredible energy and money thrown at weddings these days. The Average Wedding is $20k in the US these days. Over 50% divorce rate? I don’t wanna do the math. And on a different note, I did a Senior Portrait shoot for a young man this weekend. He showed up in a clean blue t-shirt that complimented his eyes. Very laid back, we got some great portraits that say “I’m a Senior in High School”. Same day,I witnessed in my neighborhood (a big photography spot) a full on Limo driven Senior photo shoot with at least 4 changes of clothes hanging on the hook in the car – she was wearing a full length black halter dress and 4 inch heels. WTF? Have parents gone mad? I guess it’s good for the photography industry, but I just couldn’t ever do that. I’ll be a voice for the laid back kids 🙂


August 9, 2010

I know! These ceremonies are the best kind. They make for happy marriages.

susan sabo

August 9, 2010

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