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all the single ladies…

July 18, 2010

…all the single ladies….all the single men….(come on! keep singing)…all the married men….and some married ladies….all the…

I know, I lost you. This is a song, and by song I mean earworm, that I cannot get out of my head. I hear it at almost every wedding, but I’m not hip with the kids and I didn’t know till recently that it was Beyonce, and I thought it was a much older song than…oh, wait, I’ve lost you again.

Back to my point. Some of Leila’s girls were single, some were married, some (well, one) was her mom, and when I sat down to cull photos for Leila’s wedding, I wanted to make sure all her girls got extra credit. Almost all the ladies of the families took part in the Mendhi (the henna), choosing their own designs to adorn their hands and feet. Honestly? I think I could henna every part of my body and love it everyday, and I sort of wish I’d asked for one once all the women were finished.

Wedding blog posts are usually a one-part thing; I can use about 30-40 images to tell a pretty good story about the day, the friends, the dancing, the fun-having that was had by all. But in Leila & Glenn’s case, there was just so much going on, from the henna to the traditional taking of the shoes from the bridegroom at the reception (oh yes, Glenn….I shot that too…you should be worried…mwah hahahahaha), that I needed to break the story down into part one and part two.

It was really awesome to see the families and friends coming into Oakland from all over the place (some coming very, very far) and I wanted to tell the whole story, not just the vows and the partying, but the bits that happen the day before that go into the “day of” a really spectacular thing to see, and to shoot. This gallery contains the Mendhi and the getting ready; the next will be her ceremony and reception (yes, Leila, I *promise* to do that one next!). And besides, she’s been waiting on pins and needles to see some shots, so I’m going to give her a big old bunch of photos to slideshow, email, myspace and put up on the Facebook.

So enjoy, Leila and Glenn! This is part one of your wedding story.


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i hope your clients appreciate how awesomely lucky they are to have found you to be their photographer. your work is so good.


July 18, 2010

We do! Susan, they look awesome, I can’t wait to see the rest!!!


July 18, 2010

Addie, my brides rock. They’re all so totally sweet.

Thanks, Leila. We had such a great time up there, I’m really glad you asked me to shoot your wedding and e-session.

susan sabo

July 18, 2010

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