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what do you get when you cross Fantasy Island with a peacock in love with an automobile?

July 6, 2010

Apparently, just another day at LA County Arboretum.

Famous for being the filming location everytime TuTu said, “Boss! The plane! The plane!” the arboretum is also home to lots of wildlife (including peacocks, who roam the surrounding residential areas during mating season) and a popular SoCal wedding location. It was a day of firsts: first time shooting at the amazingly photogenic arboretum; first time having to shoot without my favorite assistant, Mr. Susan, and first time a peacock has tried to make time with my car.

So the Victorian house location proved just as beautiful in real life as on TV; I got to have Sooz from Jersey assisting me; and I (still) carry the heavy guilt at having tricked a peacock into thinking there was a female ogling him when it was only his own reflection in my shiny car surface. (This part is totally true; my car sat parked for 4 hours, and this peacock, for four hours, circled my car around and around and around and….you get the idea. After the father of the groom cleared up the nagging mystery for me when he commented, “well, he sees his own reflection,” I felt terrible, terrible, as if I’d somehow tricked this poor thing into betting on a loser when he could have been out wowing the female with all those amazing feathers.

But yeah,  there was in fact a wedding in the middle of all these goings-on. Geri & Stephen, from Houston, TX, traded vows and rings in front of family, friends, assorted birds & wildlife, but no Ricardo Montalban. And then they partied. Big. Like Texans do everything. Big.

Here are the highlights; my favorite parts were Geri’s gown (that really could have doubled as a very fattening dessert it was so luscious); Stephen bringing down the house with his special way of removing his bride’s garter; and, or course, the handsome peacock (sorry, no shot of him, I tried to respect his privacy).


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good grief, just what exactly was his method? it looks like he slithered up there to her garter, snake-style!


July 8, 2010

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