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Keese, the interweb's newest addition

June 24, 2010

Keese, the internet's dog.

When Twitter first became popular, a friend of mine asked me if I thought that a site like that, or like Facebook, could ever do anything more than tell her what someone ate for breakfast. Back then (that sounds like it was forever ago), that’s pretty much the kind of status updates you could expect from those sites.

But then groups starting joining, and businesses starting joining, and once the initial tsunami of spam subsided, my contact list reflected my interests outside the internet; primarily, animal welfare and rescue.

Those of you who saw the Keese post a few days ago already know his back story. Those of you who were online when the whole thing went down witnessed something really amazing. Not to sound all huffed and puffed, what we did last week–me, my friend, their friends, and people who didn’t even know one another but who felt this was an important thing to do–did something remarkable: we saved a dog’s life. A dog that lived clear across the country from me; a dog that I had never seen in person and didn’t know anything about.

Through updates, emails and status reports, word eventually got to the right person, and within 2 hours, that dog was out of the shelter and his life was saved. Wow. I mean, come on, people. Wow.

Jump to a week later, the now in all of this, and the news just keeps getting better. Although the original plan was for Keese to be treated and then put on a plane to become the third vato in my household; he instead has been placed in the only other home I would have him in: in Carrie’s home.

Since my last update about Keese, his leg has been amputated, but he’s already running around Carrie’s backyard with her other dogs. He’s already become a part of the family, as if he had always been so; as if that other life — that bad life — had never even happened.

I think it’s time for another wow.

Though it was so hard for me to decide that Carrie should keep Keese (oh yeah, and there was crying over that decision, believe me), I eagerly check Carrie’s stream at Flickr and Facebook in the hope that there’s another picture of her dog, my dog, our dog.

The shot above is the latest. Funny, with all that’s happened to Keese that we know of (God knows what happened to him that we don’t know); he has a serenity and a calm about him that is remarkable.

You can expect regular updates on Keese and his shiny new life. And if you want to become a groupie of this amazing dog (like so many of our friends have become), head over to Flickr or Facebook and join the choir. We meet a few times a day, look at one another, and say…”wow.”


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Proud to be a small part of this story. I absolutely love the Internet, warts and all. 🙂


June 24, 2010

wow is right, bubbe. wow is right.



June 24, 2010

Sarah, I think everyone who was involved in this should be immensely proud. This is my first first-hand experience with the webs being so amazing.

Jennifer, I know, right?! Wow.

susan sabo

June 25, 2010



June 26, 2010

haha, Cindi! Right? WOW!

susan sabo

June 29, 2010

so so happy. now please pray that my son finds a great forever home for the beautiful yellow lab that he found by the road a few months ago. they have a small home with no fenced yard and two large dogs and a child are too much for them. so they had the lab fixed yesterday and will try to find him a home through the pet smart adoption system. i really hate to see him go. he is so snuggly and lovey. those great big doe eyes. i can hardly think about it without crying. i would take him but the hubby says no. our house is small too and the dog and cat do not get along. hes just such a wonderful dog.

Linda McCraven

July 2, 2010

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