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"nothing good comes of the woods"

June 23, 2010

That’s a saying we’ve had in our house for years; declared by me one night after watching one of the countless bad horror films that start with a couple spending the weekend in the woods, saying to one another, “gee, this is a pretty spot, let’s camp here.”

Thanks to Caitlin & John, we’re going to have to amend that saying, if not toss it altogether. We shot their wedding in Idyllwild a few weeks back, and for the first time in forever, I liked them (the woods, not the couple)! Idyllwild is a piece of nirvana a few thousand feet up from a particularly blah and barren part of the California desert. I’m ashamed to confess that although I’ve lived in LA almost my entire life, I’d never been there before, and man, had I missed out on some awesomeness.

Enough about me and my shortcomings. Caitlin & John are the loveliest people, married in one of the most beautiful locations I’ve seen, and surrounded by love so thick we could have cut it instead of a wedding cake. (Oh, I know! That’s so corny! I can’t help it, this wedding made me feel all mushy inside.) But you can see for yourself. Picking images out for this blog was tough; I think this is the most I’ve ever highlighted. I couldn’t help it; everything about that day–from the babbling brook (honestly, there really was one) to the whispering pines (well, given my history of horror films, the image of pines whispering scares me so forget that one) to the most elegant Caitlin & John–made it a weekend to remember…and not because there was some crazy guy chasing me through the trees (and anyway, that was just Mr. Susan).


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beautiful!~ & i am diggin that best man …. the hair =) the suit? …le swoon…


June 23, 2010

haha, Minta…he is darling, isn’t he? Too bad you can’t hear his lovely voice. Everyone there was darling, the whole thing was awesome. That’s my new favorite spot for shooting, and it’s not that far away from home.

susan sabo

June 25, 2010

We loved having you Susan–thanks for capturing us AND the place so well. It was fun!


June 26, 2010

thanks Caitlin, it was our pleasure…and it forced us to take some time off together 🙂

susan sabo

June 29, 2010

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