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Keese, soon to be 3-legged wonder

June 21, 2010

The last 4 days have been like a tilt-a-wheel ride, but one that just goes and goes and never stops even when you feel like you’re going to throw up in your purse. Way too much has happened to talk about in one post, so I’ll talk about the most important…Keese, the lab pup from South Caroline.

I first saw Keese’s picture, and read his story, on Friday. He was left by his owners at a North Carolina shelter and was scheduled to be put down on Saturday. There was something about this dog that struck me, and I was suddenly determined to save him.

If you’ve ever thought that Twitter and Facebook were just for telling your friends what you had for dinner, you’d be wrong. I started putting out the message to my friends that we needed someone in that area to pull Keese from the shelter and hold him until we got him on a plane to Los Angeles. My friends re-posted and their friends re-posted and within 2 hours, Keese was in the back seat of my new best friend’s, Carrie, car, snuggling with her kids and probably thanking the universe for the kisses and soft hands.

Complication #1 arose; it was Keese’s health. He has a badly damaged front leg, so swollen the vet couldn’t examine it. He had been attacked by another dog and had gone untreated; there was no way to see the extent of his injuries until the swelling went down. So Keese spent the weekend at the vet’s on antibiotics and painkillers, and way over here on the left coast I worked all through the weekend at weddings, but never stopped thinking about my “new” dog who was going through so much. (I told Carrie that I felt like I was adopting a baby from China; all this was happening and I was so anxious to see him, to snorgle his face and tell him that everything was going to be ok.

Today we learned that Keese’s leg had been fractured in 3 places and had pretty much been destroyed; amputation was the only option.

So Keese is going to have his left front leg removed, and you know how dogs are; he won’t complain, he won’t worry about what he’s going to do, he won’t stress over anything. He’ll just be glad to be alive. Happy for the food, the soft beds, the petting hands and the countless kisses he’s going to get.

I’ve started a ChipIn fund to help pay for Keese’s surgery and his transport to Long Beach. See, the plan is that as soon as he’s healthy and able, he gets on a plane and flies out here and his life changes forever (which actually started with Carrie).

Surgery costs are estimated at $1200, but anyone who’s ever had an injured or sick pet knows that vet costs are very much like guessing how many jelly beans are in the jar.

So there’s the story, and now here’s the pitch: please please consider donating to Keese’s ChipIn fund; if you’ve ever felt the love of a rescue dog, or died inside over the illness or injury of your own pet, if I’ve ever done a favor for you, or if anyone has ever stopped to lend you a helping hand — pay it forward by helping Keese get healthy and get home.

Here’s the link to the ChipIn.

Keese and I thank you. We would totally snorgle you if we could. 🙂

Oh! And special offer for LA residents: Donations of $200 or more will get you a pet portrait session for only $50.


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I donated! I will also try to donate more when I get paid in a week! I really want you to get Keese home!! Please keep us updated.
Also, I really love your website and your photography! I also like that you help in shelters. I am also a dog/animal lover. Everything you say is wonderful 🙂


June 21, 2010

give him a snorgle from me when you finally get to see that sweet lil face =) i wish i couldve given more….


June 21, 2010

A donation and puppy kisses to Keese are coming from Bo and Luke Zike (and their mommy Kristi)- our mommy heard about you from Tina Doepker and just had to help out a fellow canine in need. Hugs to you and your human!!!


June 22, 2010

Ok. You absolutely got me. What a lucky puppy. Bravo to you and Carrie and all involved.


June 22, 2010

good work, good good work, i am very happy to hear this and am thankful to see some positive things hapen via these social networks. it’s really awesome, you’ve saved a life.


June 24, 2010

thanks, all. I’m just the one who started the ChipIn and started promoting it. It wasn’t long before all you wonderful people started rolling that ball! It really was an amazing experience. I got an update last night that Keese is improving every day.

Like other animals who have lost a leg, Keese adapted well and just keeps on trucking. He’s learning to play and lots of playmates in the house just waiting for him to pick it up 🙂

So many thanks and so much gratitude to all who helped; together, we saved this life. That just blows my mind.

susan sabo

June 29, 2010

oh that is so wonderful! but how horrible for the poor dog to have been suffering like that. what in the world.

Linda McCraven

June 30, 2010

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