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In the Wild, Wild Wood

June 15, 2010

My name is Susan, and I’ve never been to Idyllwild (now you all say “hello, Susan”) and that’s how my recovery begins. I can’t believe in all the time I’ve lived in SoCal, I’ve never visited this incredible hideout/vacation spot.

Mr. Susan and I spent three days up there last weekend to shoot a wedding for Caitlin & John, a very elegant couple from Long Beach and very dear friends of one of my dear friends, Marie.

Aside from the breathtaking (yes, I said “breathtaking” and I never use that word) scenery, we also stayed in the most awesome little cabin that was built in the ’20s. We had a kitchen! And a fireplace! And a back deck! Seriously, aren’t you thinking of driving up there right this very instant! If you’re not, you should. Especially if you’re a hiker or a rock climber, because this is apparently the spot for said people.

Bonus: best Ma Po Tofu I’ve had…ever! Best potato tacos I’ve had…ever!

We’re already planning our next trip, this time with the dogs in tow because–more awesomeness–it’s a dog-friendly, vegetarian friendly spot!

If you’re into getaway weddings and a spot that won’t suck all your guests’ bank accounts dry, and nobody will grumble that they have to go out of town to see you swap vows, this is seriously the space for you. Pictures don’t lie (well, at least these don’t).

More to come, but I couldn’t wait to show off this shot, which I adore, and which makes me think of Paul Weller’s “Wild Wood.”


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Hi Susan,

Thanks for your part (and Mr. Susan’s) in the wedding. We, as parents of the bride, were delighted when Marie introduced Caitlin to you. We thought your work was beautiful and had the right spark of spontaneous fun to fit Caitlin and John’s tastes. One of the physicians among the guests commented that so many weddings are “sterile” and that this one was warm and fun. I think your work is perfect to capture that. Both of you were great to work with (along with Chris at Silver Pines Lodge). We look forward to seeing more. I’m pointing many friends to your website for a taste of your work. Thanks again.

Gordon (father of the bride)

Gordon Murdock

June 17, 2010

hi Gordon,

we had so much fun being up in Idyllwild and shooting Caitlin’s wedding. I agree about the sterility of some weddings; events like last wekeend’s are why I love doing the smaller, DIY weddings. So much fun and personality put into everything. You have a wonderful (now bigger!) family, and it was really a pleasure to meet you all.

susan sabo

June 17, 2010

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